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The Piped Peony Essential Flower Piping Kit, Tuned


Product Description

The Piped Peony Piping Supply Caddy is perfect for your piping tip storage and organization needs! This high quality caddy can accommodate all of your supplies in one easy-to-organize place. It includes all of the essential supplies you need to pipe realistic buttercream flowers just like Dara! Everything you need, and nothing that you don’t, this caddy is adorned with The Piped Peony logo so Dara will be with you in spirit for all of your cake decorating needs.

This kit includes several tips that are hand-tuned by Dara Waitkus to her exact standards. Tuned tips are notated as such in the supply list.

Currently available for shipping in the US only. Price includes shipping.

what's included
Accessories +

Disposable Piping Bags (Quantity 100)
Couplers (x4)
Piped Peony Extra Large Flower Piping Nail
G.G. Cakraft Y-shaped Flower Piping Nail
Oval Flower Lifter
Piped Peony Scissor Flower Lifter
Small Silicone Spatulas (x3)
Piped Peony Piping Block
Piped Peony Piping Tip Guide

Curved Petal Tips+

Right Hand Includes:
G.G. Cakraft 1052, 1062, Wilton 59s (x2), Piped Peony 59, Korea 61 (x2) Piped Peony 123 (x2), Ateco 79, Ateco 80, Ateco 81, Ateco 227

Left Hand Includes:
G.G. Cakraft 1051, 1061, Ateco 159 (x2), Ateco 161, Piped Peony 123 (x2), Ateco 79, Ateco 80, Ateco 81, Ateco 227

Drop Tips+

Ateco 14, 41, 133, 869
G.G. Cakraft 55, 810
Wilton 4B
Ateco or Wilton 199

Leaf Tips+

Piped Peony 349, 352, 366
Ateco 349, 352

Round Tips+

Ateco 00, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12

Straight Petal Tips+

Ateco 124k (x2), 125K, 126K
G.G. Cakraft 105, 106
1- Wilton 101
1- Wilton 101 (tuned)
1- Wilton 102
1-Wilton 102 (tuned
1- Wilton 103
1- Wilton 103 (tuned)
1- Wilton 104
1- Wilton 104 (tuned)


Each tuned tip will be hand-tuned by Dara Waitkus personally according to her standards and experience. Please note that because this is not an automated process, it is possible that tuned tips may look slightly different from one another. Each tip will be tuned as if it was her own personal tip. No refunds, returns, or exchanges will be available. If damage exists, please report it immediately with pictures.


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